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Data Analysis on Ranger
October 12-13, 2009

Juan Araque Cornell Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Jordan Atlas Cornell
Brian Belcher Cornell Climate Modeling, Computer Systems Analyst
Adam Bojanczyk Cornell ECE
Abra Brisbin Cornell Statistical Genomics, Cornell Center for Applied Math
Leslie Button Corning Inc. FEM and Computational PDEs
Song Cao Cornell Computer Vision, Machine Learning, AI
Eric Chen Cornell CAC Data Analysis / Aggregation on large clusters
King-Wai Chu Weill Medical College of Cornell University
Xiaonan Duan Cornell MSE
Doug Elias Cornell CU/DRSG Research support, data focus
Mohamed Elshrif Rochester Institute of Technology Pattern Recognition
Huaizhu Gao Cornell Transportation and Environment Systems
Scott Golder Cornell Network Analysis
Ajay Harish Cornell Aerospace Eng.
David Heine Corning Inc. Molecular and mesoscale modeling in life sciences
Alex Immerman Cornell Cornell Language Acquisition Lab, Cognitive Science
Yun Jiang Cornell Cornell CS, Machine Learning
Tae Sung Kim Texas A&M University Parallel programming, GPU computing
Babak Kouchmeshky Cornell Civil Eng.
Dushyant Kumar Weill Cornell Medical School Data Visualization and Optimization
Andre Lehovich Cornell
Rashid Mehdiyev Cornell/FNAL Physics
Dana Moore Weill Cornell Medical Center Dept. of Neurology and Neuroscience, neuro-imaging
Yilin Qin Cornell
Ashish Raj Cornell Weill Medical College Medical imaging, image processing, data mining
Arnab Roy SUNY Binghamton Biomedical Eng.
David Saroff Rochester Institute of Technology/AST Computational astrophysics, numerical relativity, LIGO data analysis
Michael Schmidt Cornell Analytical Modeling
Junping Shao Cornell
Amandeep Singh Cornell Parallel Optimization
Sarah Stockwell Cornell Computational Evolutionary Genetics
Guozhang Wang Cornell CEE/transportation and environment systems
Zhen Wang Cornell Computational Biology and Population Genetics
Jeremy Williams Cornell CISER, Data Analysis