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Introduction to Parallel Computing on Ranger
July 14-15, 2010

NameInstitutionResearch Interests
Umang Agarwal Cornell University Molecular Simulations
Agerneh Dagnew Florida International University CFD, wind flow simulation
Susan Cardinali Cornell University nuclear fuel cycle optimization and Monte Carlo modeling
Anirikh Chakrabarti Cornell University Systems Biology
Eric Chen Cornell University data-intensive science
Peng Chen Cornell University
Acmae El Yacoubi Cornell University collective behavior or particles in fluid
Srikanth Gottipati Cornell University Bioinformatics
Sushmit Goyal Cornell University Molecular Dynamics
Amit Halder Corning, Inc. Modeling and simulation of multiphase heat and mass transport
Jeremy Horwitz Cornell University Parallel Visualization and Fluid Dynamics
Yijing Hu Stony Brookparallel computing
Dimitrios Karalis Cornell University Material process design and control
Hanh Lam Cornell UniversityComputational Biology
Guoshi Li Cornell University Computational neuroscience
Yan Li Stony Brook University parallel computing
Charng-Da Lu SUNY at Buffalo High performance computing, fault tolerance and reliability
Zhao Lu Cornell UniversityCollege of Veterinary Medicine Infectious disease modeling in managed animal populations
Xin Luo Cornell University Deep sequencing
Sai Pooja Mahajan Cornell University Molecular Dynamic Simulations for biomolecules
Lorraine Olson Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Inverse Problems, early detection of breast cancer
Geoffrey Recktenwald Cornell University Reactor theory, fuel cycle optimization, montecarlo modeling
Natalia Romero Cornell University Modeling interdependent complex systems
David Saroff Rochester Institute of Technology modeling of jets from galactic centers
Arunima Singh Cornell University
Jiang Wan Cornell University
Zhen Wang Cornell University Bioinformation
Ying Xu Stony Brook University Fluid Dynamics
Ongun Yavrucu Cornell University Parallel computing of building energy simulations
Rui Zhang Corning, Inc. solid mechanics