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Introduction to Parallel Computing on Ranger
May 19-20, 2010

Julian Baldwin Binghamton UniversityCardiac arrhythmia, electrophysiology, multi-scale analysis
Ashish Banerjee Cornell UniversityQuantum photonics, Solid state physics, Photovoltaics
Aureliano Bombarely Gomez Cornell Univeristy/Boyce Thompson InstituteBioinformatics (Genome assembly and annotation)
Clive Bealing Cornell UniversityNanocrystal array Photovoltaics MD and DFT techniques
Khoa Bui University of OklahomaNanoscale heat transfer by means of molecular dynamics simulation and Monte Carlo simulation
Peng Chen Cornell UniversityAtomistic Modeling, uncertainty quantification
Kirsten Eilertson Cornell UniversityStatistics
Yossef Elimelech Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteCFD, numerical simulations, mesh generation, hydrodynamic instability
Ruogu Fang Cornell UniversityComputer vision, machine learning
Vasileios Fountoulakis Cornell UniversityComputational Methods in Mechanics - Numerical Analysis - Mechanics of Materials
Juan Garcia-BrionesUniversity of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez CampusBrownian Dynamics Simulation
Venkat Gudivada Marshall UniversityComputational Biology, Image Processing in HPC environments, scientific visualization, MPI, OpenMP, and CUDA
Peter Ireland Cornell UniversityDirect Numerical Simulations, Fluid Mechanics
Juan Isaza Corning IncorporatedTurbulence
Brian Koo Cornell UniversitySemiconductors
Anna Li Cornell University
John A. Lucena University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez CampusComputational Fluid Dynamics
Antonio J. Matas Arroyo Cornell UniversityPlant Biology. Gene expression, high throughput sequencing, data analysis
Kiran Mathew Cornell UniversityComputational material science
Pablo Robles Granda Southern Illinois University CarbondaleDistributed problem solving (DPS) strategies modeling tool based in pi-calculus
Ashley Raba SUNY BinghamtonMulti-scale modeling of the heart
David Saroff Rochester Institute of TechnologyAstrophysics
Udo Schnupf Cornell UniversityLarge Scale QM calculations on amylose and cellulosic materials
Steve Spagnola Cornell UniversityOntology engineering through natural language processing
Chiranth Srinivasan University of OklahomaComplex Fluid Dynamics Modeling
Parvez Sukheswalla Cornell UniversityComputational Fluid Dynamics
Will Tipton Cornell UniversityComputational materials science
Jiang Wan Cornell UniversityMAE
Duo Wang Stony Brook UniversityGeometric computing
Yilun Wang Cornell UniversityNumerical Optimization Algorithms
Jim Warner Cornell UniversityComputational Mechanics; Multiscale problems and formulations; Machine learning
Bin Wen Cornell UniversityComputational mechanics
Erdal Yilmaz Cornell University
Byron Zambrano University of Puerto Rico , Mayaguez CampusComputational Fluid Dynamics, Turbulence modeling
Feng Zhang Environmental Science and Forestry, State University of New YorkTheoretical stuides of biodiesel combustion process
Houlong Zhuang Cornell University
Tao Zou Cornell UniversityCS Dept. Database/Distributed system