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How to Start a Project

The Cornell Center for Advanced Computing (CAC) operates on a cost-recovery model. CAC services – including computing, consulting, file storage, backups, and/or cluster maintenance – are fee-based and require a Cornell University account number for charge-back based on rates (rate information available only to Cornell faculty, staff, and students) which are subsidized by the Provost and revised annually. Exploratory accounts, general help, documentation, occasional questions, training workshops, and access to research networks continue to be provided at no cost.

Project Requests

To access CAC's fee-based services, please complete a Project Request Form. Only faculty and research staff may complete a Project Request Form; students need to identify a faculty sponsor. A Cornell University account number and account point of contact is necessary to complete the form.

Managing Your Project After it is Established

After a project is established, the Project PI can use the Manage Projects Form at any time. Please note: only the project PI or Proxy can use the Manage Projects Form to change settings on their project(s).

The form is used to view current settings, and to set and adjust limits on the number of computing hours and/or consulting hours desired. It also enables you to request other CAC services such as disk space for file storage or databases, or cluster maintenance for a cluster that is dedicated solely to your research group.

Adding Project Members

Use the "Add an ID" link on the Manage Projects Form to add users to your project, to set limits on that user's computing, consulting, and file storage usage.

Designating a Project Proxy

After a project is established and project members have been added, one of the project members may be designated as "Proxy." The Proxy can do anything the PI can do within the scope of the project. The Proxy can be changed or removed at any time. All Proxy settings are managed from the Manage Projects Form.

Updating Account Numbers After Your Project is Established

After your project is established, the Project PI, Proxy, or Account rep can use the Update Accounts Form to update the account number or the project expiration date.

Accessing Project Member Information

Account information, including computing use, file storage limits, and contact information, is available to Cornell University users online. Corporate Program members may request account information by contacting the Corporate Program director.

Partner Program Allocations

Industry, academic institution, and public agency access to CAC systems is available through memberships in the Partner Program. Contact Paul Redfern to learn how to participate.


Help in filling out forms can be obtained by contacting CAC Help.