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Resa Reynolds
Associate Director, CAC Systems
NSF Aristotle Cloud Federation Infrastructure Lead
Past DellXL President
Dell HPC Community Board of Directors

Resa Reynolds

Resa has been supporting Cornell researchers and national projects for 30+ years. In her current role, she manages the design, deployment, optimization, and daily operations for high-performance computing (HPC) clusters and on-demand cloud computing services--Red Cloud and the Aristotle Cloud Federation. Resa's expertise includes HPC architectures and networking, large-capacity storage systems, and systems software and tools.

Send email or phone 607.255.5715.

Areas of Expertise

  • HPC Cluster Design, Installation, and Optimization
  • Cloud: OpenStack
  • Operating Systems: Linux, Windows
  • Networks: Ethernet (Gb, 10Gb, 40Gb, 100GB), Infiniband
  • Storage: Ceph, Dell SANs, Direct-attached JBODs
  • Dell Certified Technician


  • NSF Aristotle Cloud Federation
  • XSEDE Campus Integration - Scientific Applications, HPC Clusters, OpenStack
  • Red Cloud
  • Red Cloud Secure (HIPAA compliant)
  • DellXL (
  • Dell HPC Community (

Selected Publications

  • Knepper, R., Mehringer, S., Brazier, A., Barker, B. and Reynolds, R. Red Cloud and Aristotle: campus clouds and federation. HARC'19: Proceedings of the Humans in the Loop: Enabling and Facilitating Research on the Cloud. 2019.
  • Coulter, E., Sprouse, J., Reynolds, R. and Knepper, R. Extending XSEDE Innovations to Campus Cyberinfrastructure: The XSEDE National Integration Toolkit. Journal of Computational Science Education,. 2019.
  • Coulter, J.E., Knepper, R., Reynolds, R., Sprouse, J. and Bird, S. Beyond Campus Bridging: A Retrospective of Cyberinfrastructure Integration Efforts. PEARC'19: Practice and Experience in Advanced Research Computing. 2019.


B.A., Mathematics, Hamilton College

Personal Interests

Cruising, reading, camping.