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Member Benefits

Partner Program Memberships provide organizations with a variety of benefits to choose from, such as:

Technology Briefing & Tour Days

Access to HPC and cloud systems

  • Production HPC systems and OpenStack cloud access
    • Queued access or Member-dedicated access (24x7) to current systems
    • Rapid, custom installation of new systems to meet specific hosting needs
    • Ideal for performance testing, peak processing, or "try before you buy"
  • Emerging technologies access (new systems, processors, interconnects, etc.)
    • Test access to technologies if available or consulting advice
      • Such as cloud computing technologies, data compression technologies, Globus Online file transfer, GPUs, network switches, multi-core servers, large memory servers, etc.

Systems consulting

  • Architecture consulting
    • HPC clusters and symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) systems
    • Networking
    • Storage systems
    • Cloud computing
    • Multiple OEM experience
  • Operating system and cloud platform consulting
  • Systems planning consulting
  • Systems deployment consulting (available on-site at Member facilities)
    • Examples HVB Group (Munich), Northrop Grumman (VA), US EPA (OH).
  • Large-scale data analysis with Web services-based architectures consulting

Application, programming, and tools consulting

Early access to publicly available CAC research and advice

  • Sample R&D areas-of-interest
  • Database technologies
    • Pipeline management
    • Integration of HPC clusters for data mining & real-time analysis
    • Systems management issues
    • System workload studies
    • Information access and analysis systems research
  • Grid technologies
    • Desktop framework
    • Virtual PC
    • Cycle scavenging
    • Grid computing using Web services
    • Low latency/high throughput scheduling with SQL
    • Triggered checkpoints
    • Job restarts and migration
    • Dynamic resource allocation/deal location
  • Networking architectures

Access to training and events

Access to CAC staff subject matter expertise (SME) consulting

Member-in-Residence at Cornell option

  • Member office on-site at Cornell University
    • To facilitate better technology transfer from CAC
    • To investigate and build better research relationships across campus
  • Turnkey
    • Includes Cornell ID card, campus parking pass option, Internet access, office services, networking to high-performance computers
  • 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, multi-year
  • Examples of Member-in-Residence participants
  • On-site at CAC examples:
    • A USDA ARS computational biologist was on-site at CAC developing genome scale DNA and protein sequence analysis techniques
    • The Technical Associate of the Chief Technical Officer of an imaging corporation spent a year at CAC as the liaison between the company and Cornell in order to enhance scientific interactions between the institutions

Opportunities to develop separate sponsored research agreements with Cornell University faculty