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The Cornell University Center for Advanced Computing (CAC) Partner Program is a technology transfer and economic development initiative to develop and deploy advanced computing, data analysis, and communications technologies to business, industry, academe, and the public sector in New York State and the Nation.

The goals of the Partner Program are:

  • To enable businesses, universities, public agencies, and other institutional partners to run faster, more accurate computations that result in reduced time-to-insight or time-to-market
  • To enable the private and public sector to more efficiently store, protect, visualize, analyze, and disseminate distributed and disparate data via the Web using scalable and sustainable architectures
  • To enhance US competitiveness by advancing the science of high-performance computing (HPC) and our Nation's cyberinfrastructure and transferring those advances to industry
  • To strengthen the Nation's workforce and support economic development by offering world-class computing and information science education and training
  • To help corporate and institutional partners connect with Cornell researchers in Cornell Computing and Information Science (CIS) 

CAC is under the direction of Dr. David Lifka.

The Partner Program thanks its Members who together help to insure Cornell's continued leadership in advanced information technologies and computing and information science research and education.