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“The TeraGrid was established as a cyberinfrastructure foundation to integrate the computational, data, and visualization capabilities available to the scientific community. We are pleased to partner with Cornell to develop services and capabilities that will begin to weave the nation’s digital assets into a national data framework, analogous to today’s networking and computational frameworks.”

NSF TeraGrid Project

Cornell’s TeraGrid connection enables the scientific community to access the MATLAB on the TeraGrid experimental computing resource at CAC and science gateways and analysis tools such as the massive pulsar surveys generated by the Arecibo L-band Feed Array.

Digital Data Collections

Digital data collections are a valuable component of Cornell’s cyberinfrastructure enhancing research and education.

“Data collections enable analysis at unprecedented levels of accuracy and sophistication and provide novel insights through innovative information integration.”

National Science Board

The Cornell Center for Advanced Computing has expertise in designing, storing, and preserving digital data collections for Cornell and the national research community. CAC operates a gateway to Cornell Digital Data Collections, both CAC and university enabled.

New York State Grid

Cornell hosted a New York State workshop on cyberinfrastructure. Subsequently, with strong support from Cornell’s VP of Research, RPI’s President, and scientific leaders from across the state, a Governing Board of a New York State CyberInfrastructure initiative was created and NYSGrid established.


CAC uses the Open Science Grid (OSG) software stack for projects such as NYSGrid.

Industry-Standard Grids

Under an NSF award, CAC and Computer Science and Cornell Fracture Group collaborators demonstrated that some styles of grid computing can be done using industry-standard protocols such as SOAP and XML. CAC has used Web services to break up problems such as protein structure comparisons into cycle-scavenging applications that run in the background on desktops and laptops. CAC has also supported the scalability testing of commercial grid products for members of our Corporate Program.

Distributed Computing Research

Cornell’s Department of Computer Science is engaged in fundamental research in distributed computing.