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Ben Trumbore
Computational Scientist

Ben Trumbore

Ben joined the Cornell Center for Advanced Computing in 2016 as a member of the Consulting Group. He previously spent fourteen years at Cornell as an image synthesis researcher in the Program of Computer Graphics. Ben also has fourteen years of industrial experience developing commercial-quality software. With Autodesk, he developed graphical user interfaces and architected data formats for use in several Geographic Information System (GIS) products. At Advion he wrote low-level and user interface software to control an innovative, compact mass spectrometer.

Send email or phone 607.254.5651.

Areas of Research or Expertise

  • Software architecture and development
  • Software profiling and optimization
  • Graphical user interfaces
  • Computer graphics and Visualization
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Instrument control software
  • Database design

Selected Publications and Presentations

B. Trumbore, S. Prosser, S. Wang and L. Klecha, "Correcting for Ion Travel Time When Mass Calibrating a Single Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer", PITTCON 2013.
T. Akenine-Moller and B. Trumbore, "Fast, Minimum Storage Ray-Triangle Intersection", Journal of Graphics Tools, 2(1):21--28, 1997.
B. Trumbore, W. Lytle and D. Greenberg, "A Testbed for Image Synthesis", Eurographics Proceedings 1991.
D. Laidlaw, B. Trumbore and J. Hughes, "Constructive Solid Geometry for Polyhedral Objects", SIGGRAPH Proceedings 1986.


M.S., Computer Science, Brown University, 1986.
B.A., Mathematics and Computer Science, West Chester University, 1984.

Personal Interests

Combat robotics, board games, puzzles, reading, golfing and the Philadelphia Eagles.