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Using MATLAB on the TeraGrid
June 15-16, 2010

Guest Wireless
MATLAB on the TeraGrid
Password Change
June 15
9:00Welcome & OverviewNate Woody
9:30Installing the Client SoftwareNate Woody
10:30Speeding up ComputationsJohn Kotwicki
1:00Increasing Scale with Multiple SystemsJohn Kotwicki
2:30Task-Parallel ProgrammingJohn Kotwicki
4:30User ExperienceNate Woody
June 16
9:00Data-Parallel ProgrammingJohn Kotwicki
11:30Distributing Simulink ModelsJohn Kotwicki
1:00Running on MATLAB on the TeraGrid
Lab instruction and files
CAC Staff
3:30Best PracticesNate Woody
4:00Open Lab