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Education and Outreach Consulting

Broaden Your Impact with Virtual Workshops

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If you wish to increase the number of students, citizen scientists, or other populations participating in the education or outreach components of a grant, consider adding a Virtual Workshop to the broader impact section of your proposal.

The Cornell Virtual Workshop is a web-based training platform that reaches learners on-demand regardless of geographic location. Virtual Workshops can extend your education reach to a much larger and more diverse student and teacher population, e.g. international academic institutions, under-represented groups, etc. as well as the general public. All anyone needs is an Internet connection and a web browser. Virtual Workshops are available 24x7 for the life of a grant or beyond and give learners the opportunity to revisit materials at their convenience.

Our consultants will work closely with you to develop a Virtual Workshop that meets your educational objectives. You specify a Subject Matter Expert to work with us, and our design team will do the rest. We’ll integrate lectures, in-line glossaries, videos, simulations, quizzes with auto grading, etc. in a highly interactive learning environment and produce usage statistics for funding agency reports.

Custom Training Workshops

We also develop and deliver custom training workshops for Cornell researchers, other universities, and industry onsite and at your location.

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Contact us if you are interested in Virtual Workshop consulting or a custom training workshop.


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