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Evaluating and Implementing Emerging Technologies

Evaluating Emerging Technologies

Before transitioning an emerging research technology into production, CAC analyzes the prospective technology's strengths and weaknesses, community priorities, and potential impact on research productivity.

Since our director is the University CIO, we also analyze the strategic value to the IT ecosystem, cybersecurity requirements, and the cost to maintain and sustain the technology.

Transitioning from Pilot to Production

We are well versed in how to transition software and data technologies from pilot to production and work diligently to mitigate difficulties during the transition.

We integrate technologies into a wide range of production platforms—HPC, cloud, hosted services—and can ensure documentation is available prior to the launch date. Technology providers and interested users are kept in the loop throughout this process.

Developing Community Acceptance

Communication is key to achieving as seamless a transition as possible and community acceptance.

We can monitor ongoing usage after the implementation phase and use our software engineering and data science skills to make or recommend operational improvements based upon community feedback.

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Contact us if you're interested in evaluating and/or implementing an emerging technology.