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Web Hosting for Research Applications

Web Hosting

CAC web hosting services are used by Cornell University researchers and other organizations to set up, develop and maintain complex web sites with custom research capabilities, e.g., databases, tools, etc. Well-designed and executed web sites enable wider research collaborations and lower overall maintenance costs.

Basic Web Sites

For basic web sites such as wikis, blogs, or static sites, CIT web site hosting services are recommended.

More Complex Sites

For more complex sites that require high-performance compute engines, databases, custom tools, or large-scale storage systems, CAC web hosting for research applications are a logical choice. Our fee-based consultants will set up your web site, develop your workflows, computing services, and/or database, and maintain your site for you. Please visit our rates page for more information and then contact us to discuss your needs. Linux and Windows are supported. Storage services are available.

Project Examples

Our consulting team developed the database and front-end of a Nutritional Sciences web site that researchers use to run custom queries on blood, physiology, and cognitive data in order to analyze the impact of double fortified salt on iron status and reduce malnutrition. Other project examples include delivering high-resolution precipitation and weather data for nitrogen management in crops and pricing complex callable-bond portfolios (with an Excel front-end launching computations on an HPC cluster).

Do-It-Yourself Cloud-Hosted Web Sites

Researchers who have the technical skills to set up, program, and maintain their own web sites can launch virtual machine instances on Red Cloud. Red Cloud features the OpenStack platform, a variety of VM configurations (up to 28 cores and 224GB of RAM), and instances featuring up to 4 NVIDIA GPUs. CPU cores and RAMS are not over subscribed; an Intel Xeon processor core is behind each core on the virtual server for fast and consistent performance.

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