How to run scans with Identity Finder on the CATS login nodes

Follow these steps when using Identity Finder to scan folders on C: or T: where you have written files.


Skip the introductory offers to register or to give feedback. Choose a password. Click the button to "Open Advanced Interface". Say "no" to any updates.

You will find yourself at the Main tab in the interface. Before proceeding, though, you will need to set a few options in other tabs.


Make sure the following buttons are highlighted in orange. No others need to be highlighted. According to Cornell policy, these are the types of identities that must be scanned for.

Social Security
Credit Card
Bank Account
Driver License

For each of these types, the default "AnyFind" properties have been set appropriately.


Highlight the Custom Folders button: this will open a dialog box. Add the folder T:\Users\myid, plus any others you need to scan. Be sure to click the Add button for each folder name. Click "OK" when done.


Return to the Main tab and click the Start button. Let the scan run to completion.

Afterward, you will be given the opportunity to eliminate any identities that were found. For example, you will have the option to Shred offending files. But you'll want to use the Shred tool judiciously, as it cannot be undone. Be aware too that your list of flagged files is likely to have false positives.

Questions about how to deal with particular files should be dealt with through M&AE departmental channels.

Further info

CIT provides help (docs and videos) at this link.

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