CIS 4205 Grading and Policies


Final grades in CIS 4205 will be based on accumulated points from quizzes, assignments, and the course project.
Grades are not assigned based on strict percentages of points, but rather by relative performance within the class.
To ensure a good grade, turn in all the assignments, as most points will be awarded simply for making the attempt.
However, don't expect perfect scores to come easily! The assignments and quizzes are intended to be challenging.

Potentially 144 points are available from three categories, as follows:

Here are the expected milestones for the course project:

Assignments are to be turned in via email on the due date. The day is defined to end at midnight.

Late assignments will be accepted with a 15% penalty up to one week after the due date.



All assignments that are turned in should represent original work.

Academic Integrity:

Total integrity is expected of all students.

Class Computing Account:

The computing account is provided in support of class exercises and projects, only.

The resources provided through the computing account should be used prudently.

The bottom line is: use good judgment so that you do not abuse the class computing account.