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Cornell University

ECE 5860, Upper Atmospheric
and Ionospheric Physics II

Lectures on Solar Physics and
the Sun-Earth Connection

Spring 2010

Earth's magnetosphere

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  Course Location and Time:
Phillips 407, MWF 11:15–12:05

Duration of this Segment:
2 weeks, Apr. 12–23

A major goal of ECE 5860 is to understand how the physics of the Sun, solar wind, and Earth's magnetosphere combine to affect the Earth's upper atmosphere and ionosphere.

For Spring 2010, the instructor for the two-week segment on Solar Physics and the Sun-Earth Connection is Steve Lantz, senior research associate at the Cornell CAC.


Lecture Materials

  • Week 1 Lecture Notes - ppt, pdf
  • Week 2 Lecture Notes - ppt, pdf
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