David Bryan

Hello! I am a Physics and Computer Science Major at The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, which is located in southern coastal New Jersey. I am a senior there, and hope to graduate and go to graduate school for either Astrophysics or Computational Physics. I work as a research assistant for Stockton's closed loop geothermal power system, and teaching assistant for Astronomy.

I was drawn to this project because it incorporated my two main interests of physics and computer science. Getting to spend a summer with a great group of people on a beautiful campus wasn't bad either! The project taught us all more about research and high speed computing then I thought possible, and if you get the chance to be involved with this program, I recommend it!

Well, I suppose I should mention my hobbies. Besides playing around on the computer, I enjoy pool, playing guitar, reading, and sleeping...but not necessarily in that order!

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David A. Bryan: stk1155@thor.stockton.edu

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