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Steve Lantz is currently working on several MagnetoHydroDynamic (MHD) codes. To view the results of these codes requires a visualization method. To accomplish this, several different methods were developed. Some material had to be newly developed while some mearly needed to be updated. Visualization required data, which came from test runs of the MHD code. I also have a page on the parallel speedup of that code. For more information about MHD, Steve Lantz, or these projects, see Steve's home page.

Visualization Tools


In resurrecting an older code, it turned out that the previous method of visualization could no longer be used. So, looking for an alternative data plotting packadge led to the subroutine library PGPLOT.

Here is a list of subroutines distributed by the author of PGPLOT.

By integrating PGPLOT commands into the existing visualization structure, I was able to recreate the functionality of the original program. Here is a 2x2 grid of contour plots showing the evolution of the vorticity in the flow. Time steps advance from top to bottom, left to right.

pgplot image

Wave Advantage

For parts of the old resurrected code, the program Wave Advantage seemed best suited to plot the data. A .pro file was made to create the plots of data saved using a post processor. Again, here is a 2x2 grid of plots - linear plots showing certain values of interest.

wave advantage image

Data Explorer

For the new code, the visualization is done through Data Explorer. Here, a .net file had been created to read the data and create image files of the 2-D vorticity, temperature, and magnetic field strength values. Then, using mpeg_encode, the image files were converted into an mpg movie. Below is an image produced by DX. It is liked to an mpeg movie created by mpeg_encode from the image files produced by DX.

DX image

I also worked on the parallel speedup of the MHD code. Click here to read some more about it.

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