CLI Client: Shares


Red Cloud 2 is currently in beta testing and not available to all users. If you are not a Red Cloud 2 beta tester, use the production Red Cloud instead. This Red Cloud 2 documentation is still under development.

Beta testers: Report all problems to CAC Help. Please specify Red Cloud 2 when reporting problems. Thank you!

List Existing Shares

openstack share list

Create a Share

--description <share-description>: can be added for additional descriptions.

openstack share create --name <share-name> CephFS <size-in-GB>

Resize a Share

openstack share resize <share-name-or-id> <size-in-GB>

Delete a Share

openstack share delete <share-name-or-id> 

Add a Share Rule

  • <access-level>: can either be "rw" or "ro".
  • <access-type>: can only be "ip", "user" (user or group), "cert", or "cephx".
  • <access-to>: is the value that defines access.
openstack share access create --access-level <access-level> <share-name-or-id> <access-type> <access-to>

Remove a Share Rule

openstack share access delete <share-name-or-id> <access-rule-id>