Horizon Web Console: SSH Key Pairs


Red Cloud 2 is currently in beta testing and not available to all users. If you are not a Red Cloud 2 beta tester, use the production Red Cloud instead. This Red Cloud 2 documentation is still under development.

Beta testers: Report all problems to CAC Help. Please specify Red Cloud 2 when reporting problems. Thank you!

Under the Project tab, use the Key Pairs screen to manage the SSH keys in your account.

List Public Keys

List all the public key in your account pm the Key Pairs screen under the Project tab.

List SSH Key Pairs

Create a New SSH Key Pair

To create a new SSH key pair in Horizon web console:

  1. Click on the Create Key Pair button on the Key Pairs screen.

Create Key Pair Button

  1. On the next screen, name the keypair to be created and select SSH Key for key type.

Create and Save Private Key

Horizon will now generate a new SSH keypair. The public key will be stored in your user account under the name you specified. Your web browser should either prompt you for the location for saving the private key, or download the private key into the "Downloads" folder you configured in the browser.


The private key in keypairs generated by the Horizon web console is not encrypted. We recommend protect your private key with a passphrase to prevent unauthrized access.

Import a Public Key

If you have an existing ssh keypair that you wish to use,

  1. Click on the Import Public Key button on the Key Pairs screen to start importing the public key: Import Key Pair Button

  2. On the Import Public Key screen,

    • Key Pair Name: Name the new public key to be imported.
    • Key Type: Select SSH Key.
    • You can either click on the Choose File button to select the public key file on your computer to import, or copy and paste content of the public key into the Public Key field.

    Import a Public Key

  3. Click on the Import Public Key button.

Delete a Public Key

To delete an existing public key from your user account, click on the Delete Key Pair button next to the key pair to be deleted.


Deleting a public key only removes the key from your Red Cloud user. After deletion, you will no longer be able to use it to create a new instance. However, it does not remove any public keys that are already installed in existing instances.

Delete a Key Pair