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CAC offers classroom training workshops and the convenience of on demand online training to the national research community and to Cornell faculty, staff, and students. These include Virtual Workshops on topics such as programming, parallel programming, MPI, OpenMP, visualization, code improvement, data transfer, and databases as well as comprehensive courses such "Applications of Parallel Computers."

Classroom Training Workshops

Classroom training workshops are held periodically at Cornell and other major research universities. Workshop content may be specific to a CAC system or national resources.

Online Training

Cornell was among the first universities to develop and deploy online training. The “Cornell Virtual Workshop” (CVW) platform provides on demand user training for cloud and HPC systems located in the U.S. and U.K., including Jetstream 2, Stampede2, and Frontera. Over 250,000 unique users have accessed CVW training modules. New Cornell Virtual Workshop training opportunities are available at XSEDE.

Your Partner in Training

Depth of experience and technical know-how are among the reasons that organizations partner with CAC to meet their training needs. CAC is skilled at developing science and educational gateways and on-line training regardless of the subject matter. Contact us to discuss your next project or to team on new proposals. Learn more at services available.