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Director’s Welcome

Rich Knepper

The Center for Advanced Computing provides a broad range of services that support the computational research needs of Cornell faculty. The Center’s role is to enable and empower research capabilities and help Cornell’s scientists, researchers, and scholars achieve new and innovative breakthrough research. Our team provides expertise on high performance compute clusters, cloud computing through our Red Cloud service, and technology and application consulting tailored to individual research needs.

Faculty, students, and staff of over 80 different departments and research centers at Cornell rely on the CAC for research, education and outreach, and computing and consulting services that include HPC systems and storage, application programming and optimization, data management and database development, and web application development. The Red Cloud on-premise Infrastructure-as-a-Service resource provides reproducible performance with predictable costs, and now includes NVIDIA GPU instances for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications. CAC’s application containerization services can make scientific applications and workflows portable to any cloud environment, including Red Cloud, public clouds such as Amazon and Azure, and national resources.

Our activities with the national cyberinfrastructure community have included training for advanced systems such as Jetstream2 and Frontera, and supporting Cornell researchers in requesting access to the most powerful supercomputing systems in the country. We’re also leading the I-WRF project, a $2 million NSF grant to implement an integrated framework for the Weather Research and Forecasting Model that enables multi-node containerized simulations complete with verification and visualization capabilities.

Faculty from the natural and social sciences as well as the humanities leverage CAC’s education and outreach services to improve their research proposals and address key broader impact and collaboration issues. CAC is ready to assist in research projects in a broad range of scope including:

  • Custom Virtual Workshops – our team will design, deploy, and support interactive on-demand virtual training workshops. You provide content or a subject matter expert, and we create a full-fledged virtual workshop, including exercises, simulations, videos, and quizzes. Workshop usage statistics are generated automatically for reporting to the funding agency.
  • Web applications for research – we integrate tools, applications, data collections and more into a web portal that supports a specific research community and extends outreach to the world: K-12 students and educators, citizen scientists, and the public.
  • Proposal development – CAC can work with you to estimate computing and consulting services, define systems architectures, and make your proposal efforts more competitive. Up to 20 hours of free proposal development services are available.

Please contact me via email to discuss your needs and ideas. I welcome the opportunity to better understand your research goals and computing requirements.

Rich Knepper, PhD
Director, Cornell Center for Advanced Computing
Cornell University