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HPC Training Opportunity

Class Title: Parallel Computing on Ranger
When: February 7- 8, 2008
Where: New York University (Bobst Library)

On Thursday and Friday, February 7-8, 2008, technical staff members from the Cornell Center for Advanced Computing, New York University, and the Texas Advanced Computing Center will present a high-performance computing training class, “Parallel Computing on Ranger.” The Cornell CAC was recently funded by National Science Foundation to develop and deliver training and application support for the Ranger system.

About Ranger

Ranger is a Sun Constellation Cluster with a theoretical peak performance of 504 Teraflops. It is the newest computational resource available to the NSF research community and scheduled to be in production on February 1, 2008. A system description is available at

Topics/Who Should Attend

Instructors will present various topics covering the architecture and proper use of Ranger and supporting infrastructure. This class will be of particular interest to computational scientists interested in developing codes for and porting codes to Ranger.

For More Information

For information on course content, agenda, accommodations, and how to register, please visit If you have questions, email or contact:

Chris Hempel
Associate Director
Texas Advanced Computing Center