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News Announcement

New, low-cost archival storage service

Contact: Paul Redfern
Cell: (607) 227-1865

FOR RELEASE: August 6, 2013

The Cornell University Center for Advanced Computing (CAC) today announced the availability of a new, low-cost archival storage service.

“This service will provide the science and engineering community as well as the humanities, arts, and social sciences at Cornell with exceptional archival data storage services,” said Resa Alvord, CAC assistant director, systems and operations.

The new service features:

  • Fast tunable parallel file transfers via Globus Online. Much faster than commercial clouds.
  • Upload and download files, or synchronize local directories with the archive.
  • No network or file I/O charges for uploading or downloading data.
  • Reliable RAID6 disk-based DataDirect Networks (DDN) storage.
  • Continuous background verification and error correction against silent data corruption.
  • Share your archived data with collaborators with file permission control or publish data directly from the archive, e.g., meet your data management plan requirement for NSF grants.

This disk farm diagram summarizes the shared file server, dedicated file server, and archival storage services that are available to the Cornell community. Visit storage services to learn more.

“We look forward to identifying the optimal data storage solutions to meet your needs,” Alvord added.

Contact CAC today.