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Data Management

“NSF envisions a world in which digital science and engineering data are routinely deposited in convenient repositories, can be readily discovered in well-documented form by specialists and non-specialists alike, are open and accessible, and are reliably preserved.”

NSF Cyberinfrastructure Vision for 21st Century Discovery

High-Speed Scalable Storage

The development of data sharing and data management plans are now required by many funding agencies including the NSF and NIH. CAC offers storage services for researchers backed by a DellEMC Ceph storage cluster.

Database Management Systems

For many researchers and educators, databases are a key element of their data management, curation and accessibility requirements. CAC can assist with leveraging new technologies such as NoSQL databases that do not require fixed table schemas and scale horizontally or to use traditional relational database management systems such as PostgreSQL, SQLite, MySQL, or Microsoft SQL Server. End-user queries are optimized for the best user experience. A portion of a CAC server may be leased to reduce data management system deployment and administrative costs.

CAC works with industry to test and leverage the latest data management and storage technologies. Currently CAC offer a storage solution (based on Ceph) that provides the flexibility to support research along with a scalable upgrade path at an optimum price point.

The Department of Computer Science is engaged in basic database systems research.