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Parallel Optimization and Scientific Visualization for Ranger
March 12-13, 2009

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Ranger Virtual Workshop

March 12Cornell University, Carpenter Library, Blue Room
9:00Susan MehringerWelcome 
9:15Drew Dolgert
Steve Lantz
Lab: Visualizing with ParaViewSlides
10:30Drew DolgertScientific Visualization on RangerSlides
11:30Drew DolgertLab: Spur login 
12:00 Lunch 
1:30Drew Dolgert
Nate Woody
Lab: Paraview on SpurSlides
2:30Drew Dolgert
Nate Woody
Lab: Visualizing with VisItSlides
3:30Drew Dolgert
Lab: Remote and Collaborative Visualization 
5:00 Adjourn 
March 13Cornell University, Carpenter Library, Red Room
8:30Nate WoodyOverview of Systems (Ranger and Spur)Slides
9:00John ZollwegPerformance Considerations: Hardware ArchitectureSlides
10:00Lars KoesterkePerformance Metrics with TAU and PAPISlides
11:00Susan MehringerProfiling with mpiP 
12:00 Lunch 
 Cornell University, 310 Rhodes Hall
1:30Lars KoesterkePerformance Considerations: Compilers, Software, LibrariesSlides
3:00Nate WoodyDebugging with DDTSlides
4:00Nate Woody
Drew Dolgert
Vis wall (optional) 
5:00 Adjourn